選手リレー日記(第33回)フェツアニ・ラウタイミ Fetuani Lautaimi

Name: Fetuani Lautaimi


Age: 27


Siblings : 2 big brothers and 1 little sister


Nickname: Vaha


Definition of Vaha: It was my father’s late younger brother’s name. He passed in his late twenties when I was just a little boy. So in remembrance of him, I was therefore named after him as Kauvaha of which I am also known for as Vaha.

Vahaの由来: Vahaは私の父親の今は亡き弟の名前です。叔父は私が幼少の時に20代後半という若さで死去しました。 

Vaha は Kauvaha のVahaです。

I was born in the year of 1992. At this time, my father had a very good friend named Lautaimi, who had three girls without a son. Lautaimi desperately wanted a son but seemed to have no luck. He wanted his daughters to have a brother. Therefore, he asked my father to let him adopt me when I was born to fulfil his desire. My father agreed to this so after a few months after I was born, I was given to Lautaimi.



その数ヶ月後、私はLautaimi さんに託されました。

However, I grew up in the same village as my biological parents but was raised by Lautaimi and his wife for roughly 6 years. There were so many problems during this time. Lautaimi abused his wife and three daughters. He did not bother to educate nor take me to school. My biological mother found out about these problems happening with my adoptive parents, so she came and took me back. I was then brought up by my biological parents to date but there were times where I would go visit my adoptive parents who are now separated.

私は実の両親とは同じ村で育ちましたが、Lautaimiさんと奥さんの元で6年間育てられました。しかし、この間は多くの問題に直面しました。 Lautaimiさんは奥さんと3人の娘さんたちに暴力を振るうようになり、私に対しても教育を受けさせる事は考えておらず、学校へ行かせてもらえませんでした。


My father influenced me to play rugby as he played the sport growing up and then became the coach for our little village. I followed him every evening and watched when he and his team practiced. My older brothers did not play rugby so my father hoped that he would inspire me into playing rugby just as he did. I accompanied him everyday when he went training with the boys, that's when i developed an interest in rugby.

実父の影響で私はラグビーをプレーするようになりました。父は幼少の頃からスポーツに励んでおり、私が育った小さな村のラグビースクールのコーチでもありました。いつも夕方に父が出かける頃合いを見ては、父の後に付いてラグビーの練習を見ていました。私の兄達はラグビーをしていなかったので、父はいつか私が父のようにラグビーに目覚めるよう、私の心を駆り立て続けてくれました。 毎日、父に付いてラグビーの練習を見ているうちにラグビーに興味が湧いてきました。

I entered high school at the age 12 and that's when I started playing rugby. My mother was a housewife and my father was the only one working while we were all in school. We barely made ends meet as we scarcely had just almost enough to put on our table at the time. I was not very intelligent in school. I thought to try my best in rugby so that I might get the chance of going abroad to play and help provide for my family.



While I was in high school, my father’s health was not so great although he tried his best to provide for us as that was our only source of income. At the age of seventeen, I got an opportunity to play for Australia but I was not making anything out of it so I decided to go back home. I went home and finished off my last year of high school whilst still playing rugby and then I had received the offer to study in a university in Japan. Here in Japan is where I discovered this amazing opportunity with Toyota.





I was super ecstatic when I got the opportunity to play for them as this was the chance of a lifetime I have been waiting for so that I can provide for my family financially and my father can rest. I have a lot to be grateful for to Toyota and a lot to say but I will leave it here. Thank you Toyota for taking a chance on me so that I may be able to help my family’s hardship.

トヨタ でプレーができる事を聞いた時は、有頂天となり心の高まりが抑えられませんでした。これで家族を楽にしてあげられる、父を休ませてあげられると思いました。


Thank you to all Toyota fans for all the love and support you have continuously given the team. I do so hope that your families are well and healthy but most importantly safe in this tough and hard global pandemic of the Coronavirus. 

Thank you.




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